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About Us / Hakkımızda

       Our Founder Mr. GOKHAN GUL has been in business field like; Indexable Cutting Tools, Automotive and Heat Tratment sector more then 15 years..... and Begining of the year 2012; GROSSWERK Indexable Cutting tools & Holders company has been founded by Mr. GOKHAN GUL with experience of years.

        Company main products fiels are; External & Internal Turning Tool Holders, Threading and Grooving Tool Holders, U-Drills, Milling Tool Holders and Precision Tool Holders ( OEM Tool Holders ).

        We produce standard 2500 kinds of tool holders. Also able to produce special design tool holders depend to customers request with high technology 5 axis lathes and equipments.. .

        For present, we are going on exporting  many European countries, Asian Countries, African Countries, Asian Countries, South American Countries and Middle East Countries. We are proceeding on the way of being the best of the sector   by realizing short-term, medium-term and long-term investment plans without caring Global Recession. Our Quality, which has been registered by the companies  that use our Tool holders, also has been registered by Turkish Standards Institution by approving to give us TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.   

        Everything is for our customers who deserve the optimum and the highest quality products.

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